Seasonal Content

Halloween,Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up in the next three months.(Also Noob October.But that’s a by-the-by),so we may see our first form of seasonal content.

For celebration,we could:

  • Dress the chickens up as part of tradition
  • A temporary change of main menu and ingame default colors to red on green for Christmas,Purple on green for Halloween and red on orange for Thanksgiving.
  • Turkeys could be incorporated into the game forever or just be a reskin of chicken for the season.(Would be cool to see chicken and turkeys arriving together in step)
  • A sale for all seasonal remixes of music in aftermarkets
  • A mission that lasts all throughout the event.

These are just some suggestions. But for this Christmas,even a mail saying “Merry Christmas” would be fine.


This game isn’t even out yet. Before we get on special events let’s first finish basic content.
But after release sure, sounds good.


Yeah,but there’s nothing wrong with some form of celebration.As I said,even a mail saying Merry Christmas would be totally fine.

Seasonal contents are planned, but likely none of these will be seen in the game until the full release (even if the holidays are before the full release date).

I think that turkeys should be a Canon thing.
As" The strongest allies of the chickens" and a bit harder than their respective chicken units.


Yeah, they’re more bulky, so they should have more hp and bigger egg maybe?

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