Screen capturing error

Apparently this is not only my issue, but others’ too: When I want to capture the screen with the keyboard’s PrtScr button or certain recording softwares, the only thing I get is a blank white screen. Do you have any idea why this happens? Can it be fixed?


Dude, try windowed mode. Almost every fullscreen app will give you blank white or black screen with Prt Scr

No clue.

Regarding screenshots: if you launch the game through Steam, you can take screenshots with F12 (or whatever button you have set in the Steam settings).

Regarding recording: well, OBS works for me. What recording software did you try using?

Well, the same happens to me, so far I have only tried windowed mode, that works.

If you use windows 10, try Win+PrtScr. It works for me instead of standart method. You will find your screenshot in Pictures folder