Screen camera bugged

So I returned back playing CIU and had lots of fun, but when I clicked the menu buttons on the left side a bit too fast, I might misclick the galaxy or outside of the button making the camera move a bit, which caused the camera to…spazz out or have a seizure. I have a video proof of it to show it but I’m unable to send it here since it’s not supported. although this doesn’t really bother or irritate that much but. seeing this as a Bug or something that is wrong or unusual should at least take note of it. zooming out and in a bit won’t do anything as it still continues to spazz out, until you zoom out all the way to view the entire galaxy or pressing the “Find my ship” button (the one that has a magnifying glass with the ship in it). But this shouldn’t be much of a concern but I still find this unusual. My apologizes if this bug was already stated earlier or have been solved

Thanks for reporting. There are some known problems with the camera (especially when you click around too fast, as you have done), but I haven’t been able to track them down yet. I think they’re related to wrong velocity calculations for swiped (when you drag & release without stopping first, the camera is meant to carry on moving with the same velocity as your drag)


Oh yeah…that could be an issue, properly when it stop or drag release TOO quick, the camera velocity would become…well infinite or makes the game confused what it meant to do
But hope you’ll be able to fix this soon!

Hit Detection Bug
I just found another problem or bug, its the Hit detection didn’t work during boss rush of “SuperChicken” or whatever the boss name it is, when he’s about to use his Beam that shots lower down, i was there but just a split second i was in there while the beam was firing and i remained unharmed, in other words i didn’t got hit from it. i was Spamming the Laser cannon while i’m underneath it which properly caused it

The coyote time for all lasers is intentional.

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