Score rush (points)

This kind of missions If it plays, he will double the points and score and This type of mission can only be played once and you can found it in a few planets or suns What do you think of this idea?

sorry for bad English


Skills already have this. If you’re meaning that this type of mission makes the score doubles then skills scoring should be disabled.

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Why? This idea is just keys rush, but for points. You don’t have skills disabled on key rushes.

I don’t have strong opinion whether I would like this mission in the game or not. I’ll wait for more opinions.


you mean it is a bad idea

I agree on this idea but only if the skill scorings are disabled, since these skills would give a lot of points

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Then what would be the point?


I didn’t understand this


It’s actually a pretty good idea. Play a really hard mission for a permanent boost to your career. I like it.


When you kill one chicken in the game, you will get 1000 points. In this mission you will get when one chicken kills 2000 points and so on (Example)

No, read what qbus wrote carefully please. He said he didn’t have a strong opinion.


I do not speak English very well because I am Arabic

Sufi didn’t say anything about your language, he says read what @kokokokos said.

Okay, then he didn’t say the idea was bad. He said he didn’t know if it was good or bad.

anyway IA Will not add my idea

You can’t know that for sure. He has to see it first, you know?


I am sure my idea will not be added in ciu because I know my luck is bad

Also take in note that IA cannot respond all the time whenever you want, and that he’s a single person, not an entire team.


I know

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Stop saying what your ideas sucks, your unlucky, or you english is so bad.

your ideas sucks.

The people if dont like your idea, him needs to do an opinión, but you are disliking (i dont know how write Good) your own idea, nobody said what your idea was Suggested or is so badly


Im unlucky

The lucky never exist. Never Will rain tacos bc you suggest it (Example)


I’m bad at English

Nobody cares if your english is so bad, you need ask to the people who say what your ensglish is terrible what if you know how to say “HI” in other language, here nobody cares your english, every time be carity, they Will know what did you say, heres a place where we try help a guy who needs help, members or IA, nobody is going to atack you…


what do you mean?