Score bonus for complete a wave in short amount of time

The title explain itself, for example: in Square Dancing, you can complete in several second if you have enough power and a high damage weapon which give you around few hundreds point and the longer you stay in one wave, the less point will be given (or just another bonus with almost the same purpose and give less point) and it varies for how long the wave was supposed to be done (longer wave, like boss, will have more time to earn the bonus)
Except for missiles, which doesn’t count and you can’t get the bonus

This will decrease variety in the usage of different weapons in favor of the DPS powerhouses like Positron, Plasma, Vulcan, etc.

Pretty sure you can complete waves in short amounts of time with Ion, Utensil, Photon, Boron and other weapons are also pretty efficient in completing waves quickly. I will admit that Vulcan is unusually good at this given its controllable spread but completing a wave quickly is possible with most weapons.


Tangled Mess is frustrating enough when I take my time with it, if I also had to hurry to increase my score I’d die of a heart attack. Cool concept but I don’t think it would be fun in practice.

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