"Save the Universe"

“Save the world” button at the start menu should be “Save The Universe”


“Save the World” is rather a slogan that has been with us since the second installment and I’d rather not see it change. It’s just too classic for the series. Hmm… what about renaming it to “Save the Worlds”?
Since we rescue more than one world in this game.


Save the galaxy?

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There is no “galaxy” word in CIU

Wait we are saving the entire galaxy from chicken invasion?

Yep, but i mean the game not called it the “galaxy”, it’s “universe” instead :rofl:

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Save the world. My final message. Goodbye
Reference to this:

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Almost everything would sound weird in front of ‘‘save the world’’. Save the world dont make sense also, but sounds more appropriate.


Like Matix said, it’s just been like a slogan for CI games since 2002. I don’t really want it changed either.


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