Save the player location

Just a quick idea on the side: Save the player location when leaving the game for a longer period. I just found out that you will be reset to the starting sector upon leaving the game for a longer period and what makes this endlessly annoying is the amount of fuel some people cough specifically me cough have used on traveling to far sectors.

Please let the server save the player location.


Or travelling while offline?

You do travel offline. When you later reconnect, if you’ve reached your destination, you will be immediately placed at the end. If not, then it depends on how long your journey is. For journeys more than 30 seconds, you’ll start off in the middle of the trip. For journeys less than 30 seconds, it looks like you’re starting again, but the game will speed up your spacecraft so you arrive at the same time as you were originally supposed to.

This is how it’s supposed to work, at least. If you don’t see this behaviour check back with us – it’s probably a bug.