In the most cases i start the missions with the ship filled with satellites. During the waves, i use some of their power to destroy my enemies. In some cases i can collect satellites from different actions (fighting with boss, satellite container), but only if i have a slot available. Since the new satellite is full of power, i want to replace it with another one from my ship. In this case, a drop operation is required. You can use the keys 1,2,3,4 in order to drop a specific satellite and 5,6 for the other two slots, but for now i didn’t find any ship that accepts 6 satellites like in the old games. At this moment, i can crash and i will lose all satellites and i can collect them again in the desired order. The replaced satellite should be dropped, not removed instantly, to avoid typing mistakes of the users and let them to collect again. Make the satellites upgradable (more power, long duration, more ship slots like in the old games)

There will be bombardier ship with 6+ satellites.

Yeah, but his main point is ability to drop satellites when you want.

There was satellite change idea so you can choose one and fire it to empty.

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Yes, but when i fire to deplete one of them, i also deplete the rest of them. The point is to have a strong artillery for hard waves (preparation for these waves).

Save your Ĺżatellites for the hard waves.

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I hate wasting whole firegun while trying to use minigun…