Satellites Idea

Since there’re already some offensive satellites, I think there should be defensive and supportive satellites too, so here are my ideas
*Egg Vacuum: when you stuck in thousands of eggs flying around, use this to clean some out of your way to a safer place. There’s also a small chance to earn a key(or key coins? Is that our new currency?) from the eggs(but the chance would be really really small, like 10^(-3)%)
*Gold Magnet: attract golds and keys for you, all you need to do is hold the right mouse
*Food Vacuum: Attract foods so you could get more missiles
*Force Shield: It will protect you from laser, eggs and even chicken charging at you(but can’t damage them) as long as you have it activated
I may post my image idea for them later


You can already destroy eggs and other projectiles with the Barbequer, so I don’t think the Egg Vacuum would be necessary, but other than that, those ideas are good.

Oh wow! Didn’t even know that, thanks for telling me.