Satellite left mouſe button

This may have nothing to do with the game, but I have found that if I have the ſatellite fire ſet to the left mouſe click, a problem ariſes. This is that while firing repeatedly with the ſpace bar, the ſatellite doeſn’t fire when I click with the mouſe (it’s actuälly a button, 'cuz I have a laptop).

Tried (albeit on a desktop keyboard & mouse) and it works fine.

If you assign satellites to the RIGHT mouse button, do you get the same problem?

I tried it now juſt to verify. The right mouſe button works fine. The left mouſe button ſeems to work when I fire with the right button, but not when I fire with the ſpacebar. It may be computer-ſpecific, ſo I have a Lenovo Thinkpad running win10. Let me know if you need more details. This is my only computer, ſo I can’t try it on others.

Yes, reproduced on a Dell laptop. If you hold spacebar down and then hold left-mouse button down (to fire satellite), it doesn’t work (although middle-button or right-button do work). Holding down left-mouse and then spacebar also works. Plugging in an external mouse works either way.

Weird limitation… I’ll investigate, but prognosis is not good. The game has no knowledge of trackpads, the only thing it knows about are mouses (mice?) :thinking:

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Whoſe, mine or InterAction’s? If mine, I thank you kind ſir. Elſeways, let me know in a private meſſage and I’ll reſpond with my alternative meſſage. :smiley: