Sandbox/Editor mode?

I wonder if it would be possible if IA adds some kind of sandbox/editor mode where you can make your own gifts, guns, waves, chickens, bosses etc. It would be really amazing as people share their creativity when the release comes out. You can play user-made levels that take difficulty on to another level. I hope IA sees this so they can implement this in a future update :grinning:


Introducing… CI Workshop!

Is there already an editor mode? Or is it just a new name for the thing I made up? Anyway. CI Workshop seems like an amazing name for it.

It is just a name

Ok, I have an idea: There will be a forum section where people post their own things made by special program. If you put it into a special folder in game path, you will see your files in “User content” section.

Wouldn’t it be better for the user to have a dedicated mod manager for this? Or just make the workshop (Something better than stealing Steam name’s plz) in the game already. Though I don’t see this happening, as not only is it an online game, IA would have to do a ton of work for this to be possible. It would probably have to be seperate from the main game, because again, mods really don’t work in multiplayer-only games.

EDIT: Oh, I just re-read, custom levels will be a thing, partly. Only being made from pre made waves. Atleast that’s what IA has in mind right now. I think this is easier to do, as custom levels are already seperated, since there doesn’t need to be any rewards… I guess if mods were to be added, they would only work in custom levels? Eh, it’s still quite a bit of work to make them usable.

okay, making your own stuff would indeed be kinda hard, scrap that, but keep on the idea of user-created levels though.