Salvage missions

Since there is a lot of anonymous space craft in the galaxy some of which could have no fuel or food or they are simply abandon …their should be a reward or mission to collect a group and salvage the contents at the various stations …i.e the gas bars or hardware or
food stations…


…that’s stealing. What if somebody comes back? Besides, accounts get deleted if they’re inactive.


sounds like you don’t want some extra excitement in the game…Stealing ? from anonymous or long time non active…if they come back,to bad activity rules !

As far as I know, having stuff taken from your account makes people angry, and so people are going to leave the game forever. Besides, not everyone can play CIU every day. They can be busy or become interested in something else. Punishing players for being inactive is one of the most terrible mechanics that a game can have. Also also salvaging missions are not exciting. It’s tiring, and you’re spending a lot of fuel.


What spryter said it was true and it makes other people pissed off having their callsigns stolen

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not talking about regular players…lot of anonymous recruits out their that would be fair game …only if they hadn’t played in 30 days or had no fuel etc… …This would help ICU
clean up the galaxy… they would let us do It !

Take this for example:Would you rather, Have their stuffs stolen?
Making them not interested?
Edit: Speaking of callsigns, If they were to comeback saying something along the lines like “Why is my stuff stolen?” or “Why is my Food/Fuel went back to zero?”

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Why are you trying to steal from your own comrade?

I like the idea, if there is a challenge of some type involved. It should not be just a gift. It needs to be earned. be well…

you snooze you lose…

Remind y’all that is is not clash of clans

I’m just saying as if they’re gonna get angry about this

Along with the game, because the game needs to retain its players. A system like this can only work if the entire game revolves around this concept, but then it wouldn’t be CI.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Chicks

If an account i abandoned then why not leave the ship as lost for 7 days, to be claimed by anyone who comes across it. After 7days or so it also is removed. For 7 days it is for all to find and keep. Then it’s gone. be well…

Let’s say someone came back. That is the only thing that makes this idea unsuitable for implementation. I described why already.

remember what CIU said they will eliminate users who have not played for 30 days…
Why not help in the clean-up ?
this is a Risk /reward game…challenges abound…why are some very very politically correct…THIS IS A GAME !!!

once again why are you stealing from your own comrade


Because. People. Can. Return.