Safe/Danger zones in Darkness

Currently, in Darkness missions the safe/danger zones are also hidden in the dark. That may cause problems for new players to the Chicken Invaders series.

I suggest that the safe/danger zones should be shown more clearly and independent of the darkness.


It has been pretty long, but this post receive quite many likes, so I bumped it but I want to add one more thing (it’s been so long that they don’t allow me to edit the post):

Sometimes a wave right before a safe/danger zone wave (for example, Surfing the Wave) has zoom-out screen, but the new safe/danger zones (in the wave right after that) still stick to the zoom-out screen. Because of this, when the screen zoom in for the true zone wave, sometimes the safe/danger zones are moved out of the screen (usually in the case of Surfing the Wave) or may not be shown precisely.

This is a problem specific to “Surfing the Wave”.

Fixed in v.19 :medal_military: Bug

As for zones hidden in darkness, the way darkness is implemented it always covers everything else. Besides, I think darkness missions are sufficiently advanced missions for zones not to be necessary.

In fact, I’m considering removing all zones for all mission difficulties > 100% . Thoughts?

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It will require skilled players to remember each wave pattern. Currently I don’t see it as a problem, but if we get more and more waves, things could get unfair.
It might also turn away players from playing on harder difficulties, as a kind of steep difficulty curve.
I can’t really pick here… it would be intresting to face off waves you have to know.


Why not to put layer with darkness below zones?


I don’t think this’ll really be a problem. I mean, if you’re not ſure, don’t linger on the edge of the ſcreen.

Currently there’s not really much of a curve- hence the need to fix difficulties.

I think you should remove all zones for SSH regardless of mission base difficulty instead (to make bigger difference between SSH and lower skills)

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They do it!

“All missions above Rookie” is a bit too extreme I think.

I knew all danger zones where they are, its not problem for me. But i think removing danger zones needs to be from veteran and above.

Maybe on harder difficulties (either harder than Veteran, or Veteran and above) but definitely not on easier ones. New players will have a bad time without safety zones. Heck, I’ve been playing these games for years and sometimes I still don’t remember which zones are safe in certain waves.

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Ok, changed to Veteran.


oh no

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