Rotation for... Deep space Objects missions?

What if there would be rotated missions in Comet Chase and Super novas?
The spacecraft will also rotate along the wave and objects. (Note: This won’t affect asteroids)

Pics: (Simple ik, any rotation is possible, this is just a example obviously) (And sorry for ugly nova example)

The rotations will only change for the waves, but will return to their main rotation in bosses.

Ignore the WaTerMark


But don’t we have rotation on comet chases already? like, sometimes it happens to be rotated a little to the left or the right.

Extreme rotations along spacecraft.

Oh I misunderstood, The rotation only happens with the comets, not the spacecraft too.

I think comet chases shouldn’t have this change, because they’re the absolute bullet hell

Just use Vulcan Chingun and hold it on 90% Heat meter, its easy when you use it

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It would be cool if only the spacecraft could rotate or only the comets it would be easier, but it wouldn’t make much sense in supernova unless they attack from the top or the bottom and the spacecraft should rotate too

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The supernova is meant to be radiating from like a core - you’re flying into the debris - so having directional change seems like a bit of a misstep in my opinion.

Comet’s are similar, although there’s a bit more of an argument to be made there I suppose.

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