Rocket launcher weapon (not satellite)

fire rate:1 rocket at 2 seconds
damage: + 10 at level up
size : lvl 0-9 size is 2 times smaller than your spaceship
lvl 10-19 size is like your spaceship
lvl 20 and bigger a little bit bigger than your spaceship

Perhaps try to come up with something more original? Also,10 damage is extremely low.

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yeah i know
but is a rocket launcher,what do you want to make damage 20?

Even the weakest weapon in the entire game(lightning fryer at 0 firepower) is stronger than that(40 damage up to 6.5 times per second).

you’re right but,just think if fire rate was 1 rocket at 0.5 seconds
that s too much

Even if it did splash damage,I doubt that it would be even close to “too much”. Lightning would do 260 damage per second,this thing would do only 40 per second.

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