Robots behave strangely teleported

robots acting weird weird teleport bugs fast forward to 39 seconds.
and then 1:04

You know a droid’s workload is pretty big, so they gotta cut some corners here and there.

this happens very rarely so they do not disappear just like that
did you at least watch the video?

Yeah, it’s an actual bug, I just wanted to make a joke

C:/I agree with that pal :rofl:

so they just fly and teleport it was only 1 time is not repeated

Oh sorry :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
here is this joke incomprehensible

I tried to open it, but got this error:
“The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.”

this is known

what are you talking about

that iA knows about this?

That robot just used F key lul.

They are called droids.

Or it’s intended.Maybe check the number,it’s probably a different droid,because it seems like droids periodically spawning and despawning to me,rather than the same droid teleporting here and there.They do have a large workload,they must be splitting it(I think).Otherwise it would be droid slavery.And everyone knows what happens when the Galactic Droid Rights Commission gets involved.

No, because if you are going to raid it and it teleports, your camera goes to other part of the star system and it’s still the same droid. Also they have always the same missions.

I’ve never took much interest in them .I cant go and test now,cos my hard drive got cleaned and my progress went poof.Wonder if my flagship is still there tho

It is still there, but it will be deleted in v.20.

They said only those that haven’t been used in a month and have less than half an hour of active play.

did you just call traveller a douchebag

C:/maybe you’re right