RGB color for customizing spaceship

I was recreating my ship and i thought of a cool idea, An RGB color that continuously changes. Kinda just a continuous color change idk how to explain it but I think it would look cool on the exhaust, base fuselage and all those. It could work as a rare Hardpoint and you can and can set it to what area of the the ship you want it to be on, maybe change how fast it goes through colors too. Idk how many keys but i think this would be a neat thing to see passing by other people’s ships amd to see on your own


My apologizes, it wasn’t suggested*

Pretty sure OP’s talking about a color-changing effect. Are you sure this was suggested before, and if so, by whom?


Ok, that wasn’t. Still, it will look strange. I will try to recreate this with Cheat Engine later.


that would be neat if you could

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I’d actually like to see it before I give my opinion on the idea - but it does sound good on paper.

Ok, so, something like this?


Oh no. Spaceship for gamers. How much will it cost?

Also, can you increase the speed of that so it is literally flashing with colors?

Don’t make me remind of Linus Sebastian

Nah, that was done the stupidest way possible: I binded 6 keys in CE to increase/decrease channel brightness and clicked them as fast as possible in right order, then speed it up in vegas.

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“It’s not stupid if it works” ~I don’t remember who.
Maybe it can be automatized…

Every single developer, I can proove XD. And I am sure IA can proove too.

Yea like that, it would be cool if that was in game imo

Seeing it for myself, I would be open to the idea for exhaust colours only.
(And maybe the forcefield.)

Looks a bit weird on a solid entity like metal, but could make for some awesome spaceship trail options.


Strobe lights could apply too.


yea i was mostly thinking on the exhaust and maybe the the other stuff but i think it’d look best on exhaust and trails or whatever the stuffs are


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