Rewards for beating all missions on a planet / system / droid

I see that the game has no reward for beating all missions on a single planet / in a system.
Here is how I think it could be:
The reward should differ depending on 2 factors: skill + dificulty of mission

Let’s set the basics here:

(How many keys you get per mission after completing an entire planet)

  • Tourist - No rewards.
  • Rookie - 3 Keys
  • Seasoned - 7 keys
  • Veteran - 10 keys
  • Virtuoso - 15 keys
  • Superstar Hero - 30 keys

So let’s say you completed all missions on a planet, and there were 5 of them.
As a rookie you only get 15 keys, but as a season you get 35, and as for other difficulties: 50, 75, 150. But this is only factor number one. Missions differ in their own difficulty too, don’t they?


  • Trivial and Easy: No difficulty bonus
  • Intermediate: 3 extra keys
  • Hard: 5 extra keys
  • Very hard: 7 extra keys
  • Elite: 10 extra key

MaybeOrandzaIdk Proposed a better system where the percentage determines keys - it’s a few posts down. I can’t post any more replies for now.

So, we’re playing on veteran. A planet has 6 missions, one with each difficulty.
The further calculation is Skill Bonus+Mission Difficulty bonus per each of the mission.
10+10+13+15+17+20= 85 for the whole planet.

Remember: you won’t get extra keys for just beating a mission or two. You get these 85 extra keys ONLY if the whole planet has been completed. This creates a reason for the players to fully beat planets and star systems.

Now, how do we know on which skill level we completed a planet or a star system?
Well, ever played Afterlife: Rickard’s Quest? Then you know exactly what we need here.
Simple - replace the green checkmark with a goblet/chalice or a chicken head for higher difficulties.

  • Tourist - Green Checkmark
  • Rookie - Bronze Award / Chicken Head
  • Intermediate - Silver
  • Veteran - Golden
  • Virtuoso - 2 Golden Awards / Heads
  • Superstar Hero - 3 Awards / Heads

Here is an image I put together of what it could look like. Since the chalice is already used as a mission medal, I went with the heads:

Q:: What if you beat a planet first on rookie, then on veteran? Do you get this bonus once again?
A:: There are 2 solutions to this.
Number One: No, you get the reward only once.
Number Two: You get extra points for completing the planet on a higher difficulty, but not the whole bonus, only the fraction you missed out on.
Let’s say that you got 100 keys for a planet on veteran. Had you beaten it on virtuoso, you would get 150. So, by beating it on virtuoso you get the 50 you missed out on. I think it’s the better solution overall.
Q:: (As proposed by miuracle) Giving players items will make them dependent on those and will discourage buying them
A:: (As proposed by MaybeOrandzaIdk) But getting an item could encourage people to actually use it because, well, you just got it for free.
I would like to add that it will also help new players learn how to use those items without having to purchase them with the precious keys

That’s the only problem I thought of, If you have any more you can think of then tell me. That’s it for now… hehehe.

As for rewards for beating all planets it a system, keys wouldn’t make sense since you already get them, so how about a random gift? It could be anything cheap from the store: rockets, level 1 weapons or upgrades, extra lives. If you are lucky you can get a background or music, or even one of those HUD meters!

Ah yeah… and rewards for fully raiding a food droid. Extra food - that’s an easy one. Could be calculated same way as key bonus for planets, but with the skill bonus multiplied by 10 or 20 or so.


apperently some new users tried to raid the forum by posting NSFW so IA disabled the image permission of new members


I’d rather have the planet reward instead, since you only have to finish the missions

That would just make it meaningless to collect it for knowing that it could be achieved by not collecting it

More keys on the mission but not more planet rewards, it should be a one-time

Meaningless to collect what? I don’t understand what you said here

Very well, i think it’s a good solution too

keys had been used as a global currency, in CIU
maybe you could give a discount instead? giving items will make players more dependant on those, not equal when converted to keys and just buying necessary things
most cases you wouldn’t lose a life and consume special weapons, changing weapons before playing (especially in planet missions); some problems or “too hard waves”, accidental, surprised

this will be better, its not needed

But getting an item could encourage people to actually use it because, well, you just got it for free.
As for the main post -

I mean, why not just do it like…1 key for every 10% difficulty, with 10 at exactly 100%? Or could be 0-10% - 1 key, 11%-20% - 2 keys and so on, so 91-100% would be 10 keys

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Now that I can post again, here’s another idea:
Emergency Missions

Sometimes you randomly receive an emergency signal.
When you receive a signal you can either take on the mission or ignore it. It has a higher percentage for key drops and score, but is also always over 50% in difficulty. If you ignore it the mission disappears after about 10 seconds or so.

Another type of mission could be a surprise attack mission.
It happens during travel between star systems - you get attacked by chickens and you get forced into a mission unless you have a fast enough ship which can allow you to escape.
You can win and lose but not surrender. These are generally simpler than the emergency missions.

And… at last, seasonal missions:
Christmas only missions involving presents during 25th Dec - 7th January
Halloween only missions
Easter missions… and so forth
Only available during those holidays in the list of events


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