Revising Idea: Eggsteroid, Ninja Hatori, U.C.O. #5

Today I want to revise my old boss ideas, the Eggsteroid, Ninja Hatori and U.C.O. #5 in this post Boss Ideas : Eggsteroid, Cock-Mander, Mine Layer, Ninja Hatori, and more

(I’m sorry for crappy illustrations)

  • Eggsteroid

It’s literally an egg-shaped giant asteroid. It appears in any ordinary missions and rare occasion in meteor storm mission too. Meteor storm will have 80% chance of having Magnetic Manipulator and 20% for eggsteroid.

It appears from middle above, just like almsot every boss in the game. Then it starts to charge indicated by spinning to gain acceleration. When charging completes, it will launch itself into random edge of the screen and it will bounce off the edge while slowly decelerate and finally stops. Then it will repeat the pattern.

If you hit it, every 5% of its hp depleted, it will crack and release some asteroid shards which are bouncing too. It’s recommended to not attacking it too much or you will be overwhelmed by the shards.

When it’s destroyed it drops a firepower/present.

As the difficulty goes up, it affects:

  1. Charging quicker
  2. Movement speed faster
  3. More and bigger shards coming out (ranging from 3 small to 4 big, mixed variant could apply)
  • Ninja Hatori

It’s the scrapped boss from CI4, Hatori here written as “羽鳥” which literally means “feather” and “bird” respectively for its kanji. I think IA likes references, it’s taken from old anime series Ninja Hattori.

First, it will appear from nowhere, picking place randomly. It has smoke effect on that area to warn the player before it really appears.

Then it attacks by throwing feathers at the player. The feathers are heavier than ordinary feather, so it would take more shots to knock out, or you could simply dodge it and let it go by itself.

After few seconds, it will use its smoke bomb again to disappear, and do its sneaky attack for once again. Repeat.

As the difficulty goes up, it affects:

  1. Spawn quicker (shorter smoke delay)
  2. More feathers (from 2 to 5)
  • U.C.O. #5

The giant robotic crab has its 2.0, so why U.C.O. has its 5.0? Presenting the new generation…

(Well, I don’t expect the low quality image I"ve made could give cool effect here.)

It has 4 arms, 2 cyans and 2 purple. Arms with same colour will shoot simultaneously, and each colour will shoot alternately. For example, cyan-purple-cyan-purple.

These electric balls are unique, it will connect to each other with same colour.

It has same pattern like its predecessors, moving then stop and do the attack pattern and repeat.

As the difficulty goes up, it affects:

  1. Longer attack pattern (ranging from 3 to 6)
  2. Movement speed faster, and may go very low ramming at you

Uniquely, these electric balls aren’t getting faster according to difficulty, letting to stay longer and might trap you if you’re not careful.


Wait this is not yet finished. Be patient.

Okay, done. I accidentally pressed the submit button AGAIN


What if the feathers has the brown texture like the feathers of CK-01 Henterprise?

I think you mean black. :wink:

And I’d prefer if it didn’t just because that’s the Henterprise’s main gimmick - it would be kind of like giving a new boss a Yolk-Star™ laser.

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But it’s not the first time feathers appeared. Fluffy things appeared first in CI4 and are yet to make a return in CIU. (maybe chickens on henterprise just collected the feathers from the feather fields of yolkon-7)

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I meant specifically the black, sun-blotting kind. White feathers are all good. :wink:


Yes, I think every boss, enemy, everything should have their own “gimmick” for distinction.

Anyway the ninja chicken is White-feathered, only its clothes are black.

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