Revenge of titan crab

You remember that space crab you beat 4 times.Well that infuriated the titan crab.
Titan crab has the same amount of health as a yolk star
and has 8.5 attacks
first attack: they will throw chickenauts at you and when they throw them they will shoot lasers
download (4)
second attack: he will throw 4 chicks connected by a laser and they will move away from each other when they are thrown
download (5)
third attack: cross his arms with lasers and then shoot
download (1)
fourth attack: three lasers will be fired from each hand one after the other
download (3)
fifth attack: he spread their arms and a large dagger will come out of them and then he will try to stab you with them (a circle will appear where he need to stab) a couple of timesdownload (7)
sixth attack: when he loses 50% of his health he starts throwing terminating ball ridding chickensdownload (6)
seventh attack: he will throw fire from his flamethrower and slowly the flame throwers will separate slowly (all this will take 10 seconds) and if you are caught in the fire the spaceship will automatically over heat and slow down second by second and blush second by second and if you are on fire for 3.5 seconds you will diedownload (8)
eighth attack: when he loses 100% of his health, something similar to what happens to a yolk star, he will lose his arms and goes from corner to corner and stay in them for about 4 seconds and from half that time he will have the same laser circle as space crab 2.0
download (9) download (11) download (12) download (10)
0.5 attack: when he loses 25% of his health he will throw out four balls that behave like in the “heart of darknes” boss
download (2)
(this was pain to make)


It is a good idea but I think IAS won’t add this

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This idea is good and fun.

I think it’s his older brother. I don’t want to meet Daddy.

How can he revenge? We never met him. Because its you know… The ‘‘titan crab’’.

Space Crab Family tree.

God this makes me wish iA actually gave backstory for characters because these fanfics are cringeworthy.


Yea, Space Crab is his little brother

I’d say it would be good to reduce his number of attacks to decrease the complexity of the fight (and make it easier to predict his next move), but aside from that I think it’s a cool idea and the attacks are very interesting. I’m always up for more Space Crab.

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