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i make this alt to talk to @InterAction_studios i suspended because i insulted IA but actually my brother did this he is little and he used google translate and he said his name (ZIAD OMAR) I hope you understood the topic i’m Oppressed, I swear to God, oppressed please IA return my main account @medo please IA (known i made this account to talk to you IA not use it) please IA i want to join and i will not spam again please please and i hope you understood me return me please :pleading_face: and @InterAction_studios @Glacier not my mine and if you return me i will delete this and i hope you read my message thanks for reading


That’s all i can say here, it’s true what happened. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Can confirm, I was google translate


Hey google translate, translate all of this then. (Jk)
I thought you will question “why you made this topic?”, instead: “I am google translate”
And no, that’s the truth in case ya ask.

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You don’t have a sense of humor do you


I laughed with tears when I switched to Vietnamese. Wtfwt :joy: :joy:



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I created this altar to talk to InterAction_studios



get it?

I am not kidding you. Actually, Google translate never translates 100% accurately.

bruh wtf

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i agree with you

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use the like button

i said this alt to ask IA not to use it

but technically you are using it even right now

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Bruh, kaizo

Ok, this is your 4th alt? Right?

i can’t understand what do you mean

yeah right i don’t lie just i want to return nothing else