Return of the v10.1 speed

I don’t know if IA will have another skill but I’ll suggest it anyway

Another skill that make all bosses run on Player’s mouse fuel (v10.1 speed). Because I’m just back to CI and late to experiene getting whacked by a sonic U.C.O, bullet hell with a heckin egg, fighting henterprise like This video, etc. etc.

These name may fit the skill:
Hyper hunter
Phantasm shooter
Crazy crazy astronaut

Description: are you sure? you want to shoot down these types of chickens?

This skill will:
+45% projectile speed
+55% mission difficulty
Fueling bosses with Red Bull (U.C.O only take just a sip because he’ll went lunatic and egging whack you with his laser gun)

+60% key drop rate
+299% score bonus

This meme I made inspired me to suggest this idea


Nearly everyone complained that the UCO’s speed was just awful, is it really a good idea to bring it back?

I may be nitpicking, but…why so specific?
This isn’t really an issue, it just…feels kinda weird.
Either way, I agree with bringing back most of the stuff from 10.1, but the UCO speed? Nah.


I forgot that I should suggest that only accelerate the U.C.O speed just a bit (update)


This would be like the UltraRapidFire game mode from League. Also, wouldn’t it decrease the performance of low-quality computers? You know like, too many proyectiles at the same time + old-school system = game crash.
But yeah it’s cool, I like this.

Well, there is space for 2 additional skills if you look at the arrow at the SSH.


I would simply say “Chaos” and “Lunatic” skill.


“Meet these chicken then your creator!”


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