Return Of The Giant Space Crab 3000


The Giant Space Crab will throws Chickens ( Maybe Chicks too) then shoots a Laser Shot.
Strength :Its Laser Shot can destroy weapons (Bird Flu Gun,Minigun,Etc.
Weakness:All Weapons Including Utensil Poker
Wave Appearance:70
Finally The Thrown Chickens and Chicks cannot be destroyed so you have to dodge them Plus Interaction Studios Please Bring Back The Military Chickens


Wow, that totally doesn’t resemble the King of Crabs, not at all!

Just so you know, it’s better to suggest more original bosses.


There’s 1 Idea of giant robotic space crab already, you can’t suggest this


Like What? Please Explain


Does he really need to explain? It’s very simple:your idea is way too similar to a boss that already exists.