Retro Tanks Suggestion

I would like to bring up an idea that I made a year ago (although this being a simpler version). Currently the game only have three Retro Mission waves without the variations, so why not add a new one?

Tank sprite:

These tanks can appear anywhere on the screen, up to a limit. They move and shoot at random direction, of course on the direction their cannon is facing.

The number of tanks that can be on the screen at a time depends on what loop currently is.

  • Beginner Loop: 1-2 Tanks
  • Intermediate Loop: 3-5 Tanks
  • Advanced Loop: 5-8 Tanks

Cool, something like when patrols of space burger attacks you.


Nice, there could be also a one that is aiming at the player like Chick Gatling Gun too,
Btw how did you edit that amazing retro invader?


That won’t make sense based on the game it inspired/based from. They can only shoot at four directions.

Cut some pixels and combine them.

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I hope it gets added in the next update :wink:

i really passed six galatic arms and didnt found even a retro mission , all i found rerely was an key missions

Huh, these “retro tanks” reminds me of the tank shooting game in an 8-bit game console I used to play when I was little


yeah i played it in my childhood

You need to find wormholes.
Check this for more information:
How to explore wormholes in CIU

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@Fractorial This idea looks awesome. But how much points it will give? It looks cool tho. Hope it gets added.

i still not understand but they made a video , i opened it but it say its private

Let’s take this in DMs better.

Uhhh there is no matches

What do you mean? Clarify more.

ok i found a video about it , i now understand

Uhhhhh, view this topic:

And please, do not go off-topic, mina, do it in a DM instead next time


Okay, promise.

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