Resetting stats?

I would want to know if it’s able to reset my stats, because i’ve been extremely dumb; I selled my own powerful, and normal weapon for a electric cannon, which is level 1 and kills one chicken in 4 seconds which is very slow. It’s like i’ve jumped in an extremely deep pit, and each level I do I fail because it’s too hard.

I’m a big noob, I know.

EDIT: I just found out I sold the electric cannon, and I had much keys still, and I just found out I have a godlike utensil poker, sorry for the unecessary post.

1.Find some very easy mission you can do.
2.Sell it and anything else (like lives) to get the moron railgun.
3.Unequip difficulties (or sell them too).
4.If truly desperate reinstall the game. But try something else first.

I just found out I already sold the electric cannon, and I have an godlike utensil poker.

You mean lighting fryer?

Yeah, I meant that.

Laser Cannon I guess

The laser cannon is not electric. Btw he said that he mean the lighting fryer.

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