Request for key rush locations

If anybody has found any key rush on the left side of the galaxy, the lower left, the better, please tell me.

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I have only 1 location, but it is in a sun, Also, the key Rush what i found its in the centre of the galaxy

Edit:“More soon i will upload images”
Note:what rank has?

My rank is 13 or 14 with utensil poker (fork gun) fully upgrade.

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To play this type of Mission you need a rank like 20 or 25

I think i mistakenly read it doesnt need rank. Good to know.

I’ve found 3 key rush missions but I don’t remember the location :sweat_smile:

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Yes you didnt help. Just like the ideas ive been trying to give interaction studios.

Wait I remembered one

It’s in the Cronus star system

A video here, but doesnt have Start because its for players what not found this Mission :smirk:

The part 2 its cursed :expressionless:

I didnt find that in galaxy map.

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In alexiares

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Oh sorry mistakenly replied to you. Thx by the way

Alexiaris is pretty close to me. Are you exprienced? Tell me what preparations will i need? All slots hp and missiles? Because i think hp matters more and i think i mighr have to reduce my difficulty

Nah, i only used:
3 missiles (used because im to lazy)
A lot of extra lifes 10-14
The Mission doesnt difficult, if you are completing it, the mission its going to be more Hard,
Its in a red sun
But you need
Gravity Nullifier,
Heat Shield
Simple things :smirk:
Farm keys!
Enjoy it!! :grin:

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Ok thanks

Contellation: Alexiares
Solar System: Perses
Star:Red Sun
Ubication:in the centre of the game, to cut at Keeta, Lilaxon, etc.

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This one: image
In Thelxiope Constellation

That is far, far, far far away from me but good to know. Thanks

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