Report Chat Message

Report a chat message without exiting the game or coming here.

:warning: Too many false reports will set your account on a risk of termination.


Using that feature to report someone for saying a word from strong language in one sentence (Example: You’re ass at the game) is illogical. And many of us sometimes use strong language in-game, but it shouldn’t be taken that seriously.

Also, ‘‘Kick Player’’ and ‘‘Esc’’ exist if you don’t wanna fly a mission with a player that swears or is toxic.

im gonna see sensitive people will report this shit ton of swear words

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Or you can just report them via the “Report Player” button in the hamburger menu.

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so you want to exit the mission or complete it then do that?

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y e s

This is E L O N M U S K

CIU doesn’t even have UUIDs

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Swearing just to swear does not make your point any more important. It does have a place sometimes but not often. It often makes the author and the point less credible. Be well all…

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how do you know?

it’s just a single integer ordered by account creation

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