Repair Droid

This annoying little bugger will repair completely other droids, and its capable of autohealing.
Its speed will be like a purple UCO ray in SSH, and its repairs will take approximatelly 0.75 seconds. Its base color will be white. Its has a 1/4 chances of appearing in any normal wave and upon destruction will not respawn. Its lights at the bottom will flash from left to right, countinuosly. If all of the regular droids escape of get destroyed, it will make its good escape.

NOTE: I didn’t post the health and point rewards of the droid because i was informed that the health of bosses and enemies is based on the difficulty level, so I assumed it was the same for points. Correct me if I’m wrong.


Sorry if I didn’t make it clear,my bad. Most bosses follow the same health formula. But most regular enemies have different health formulas. If anyone knows for sure that I’m wrong,correct me.

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This can be kind of weird because there’s something like a “progress meter HUD item” and it is calculating the progress based on how much health was taken from enemies. So if you had this annoying enemy (I can already tell that it will be annoying) the progress meter would go back and it’s not a progress.

Also, progress going back would be interesting to watch with this idea added: Progress meter improvement and missed enemies counter HUD item

Its the same thing that happens with UFOs, for example.


This could make you stuck with bad weapons because you dont have enough dps to kill these but you cant get more power since you cant destroy these.


Davoid is right if you have really bad weapon you will be stuck because you will have really low dps and you will not be able to continue.

Wasn’t repair droid suggested a long time ago?

It can change. Let’s make it 1.5 seconds to repair, and the drone will stay above the other droids when repearing, so it’s not so easy to hit.

That just make destroying that enemy more difficult as there’s more droids blocking it.

That’s the point.

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