'Remove' NAT issue

Alright, alright, this is not easy, and it will cost IA more money.
You know that whenever you host CIU multiplayer, the play connectivity is limited by NAT because others connect directly* to your computer. And in that case firewall restrictions from your ISP will interfere thus causing issues. IA did this because it costs less hardware resources and decreases ping if some players live nearby.

However, if for example: Your ISP is not opening ports for you and are you are stuck on a specific NAT type e.g Port R NAT, people with symmetric NAT cannot connect to you and vise versa. Symmetric NAT players can only join people with Full Cone NAT. (aka open)

So my idea is that your multiplayer games will be sent to InterAction’s server which is open NAT and then forwarded to everyone, in which you don’t have to worry about NAT restrictions. This will INCREASE ping to everyone, even people who live near you.
And, there should be an option for that too. Forward to Server: Yes or No.
And if it is forwarded to IA, there will be a limit of how many multiplayer games you can host, 3 for normal and 5 for CHL Owners. And for joining multiplayer, there should be no restrictions.

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CIU probably doesn’t earn enough for this to be worth doing


that is true

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