Remove inactive members in the league

This idea is because some players, whether they will not log in to the game or are not active , for example this picture

And also this

And there is still much more below!

There is no need for them to stay in the league as long as they are inactive and hinder active players
A certain period can be made for exclusion from the league, for example, if the player does not participate in the league for a month, he will be automatically excluded

In the end, I created this idea so that the league would not be a boring place because there are only a few people that I dare them


or just do this, hide inactive players
they might have reasons to go inactive


they lose x% every day till 400 score min. ex 1% each day so 600 > 594 > 588 > etc…


I do also remember quite a few people at the top constantly declining my dares. It especially hurts if you spent tons of keys on them and they just get awau with not playing them. Like I know you’re not required to play absolutely everything, but the said people just declined whenever they could. It got quite annoying. Rather than just choosing the dare, sending it and then praying it doesn’t get declined, I feel like when you choose the dare, the other person should recieve the challenge and either accept or decline it, and only then would you both be able to play the dare. That would make much more sense.


Good day. The idea do sound good to remove such players from the board. As it is a one time occurrence this happen, this could be done. However, maybe developing a system that can reset every fortnightly or monthly where, once pass a certain threshold, would be placed at that placement. Of course, this system need significant improvement but it should remedy the situation.

In ending, I do agree with you on simply resetting or deleting these users on the board but a proper system, once placed, can automatically mitigate this issue.


That’s a good idea.
Hope iA can do this

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Yes, it’s not at the point where players have to keep their position by daring and get dared anymore

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