Remove google traductor from The forum

know that more than one user is from a different language and more than one uses this

Translate to bad in spanish like english, example: the comment of Pac-ManVN, google Translate this in spanish, and literally, the prayer makes no sense, its to bad.
Other example its the Desc of @anon58612718
In english is: Sans the skeleton
But in spanish is:without the skeleton

How I said, google traductor dont translate good, my best option its remove google traductor from The forum.
Edit:srry if me im to bad speaking in english

You can disable it by clicking three dots button near “X”


:grinning:: without the skeleton.


ah, yes, the famous
w i t h o u t t h e s k e l e t o n
also “pero también hago segundo el hecho de que es una publicación sin sentido” has officially become my new catchphrase from now on


Ah yes, “¿Quién en el mundo EXPONER A LAS PERSONAS COMO NOOB?”
English: Who in the world EXHIBIT PEOPLE AS NOOB?
Real English: Who in the world EXPOSING PEOPLE AS NOOB?
(im gonna set this as description)


How I am so fool

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