Remove bubbles on chicken ring wave

The bubbles quite annoying to dealing damage to enemies. Hope iA can fix it

That was intended, and this wave is actually perfect to test your dodging skills (and patience) imo.

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Chicken rings is currently one of more organised waves. It’s working as intended; I don’t think that the bubbles should be removed, because they make this wave quite challenging. (Actually, they don’t appear on lower difficulties, only on the high ones.) There are much, much worse waves than this one.

Speaking of which… I really hope that a mistake called Pulsating Grid will get nerfed to the ground, because that wave is practically impossible on elite missions.


Yes, there should be a bigger area to maneuver around. The current area is too small. This wave is awesome in medium difficulty but harder missions are horribly brutal.


Added to the WHO list!


What is that?

The Wave Honing Operation. The name I given to my upcoming series. Honing was suggested by iA

When will you start it?

Maybe this week. Even today with the intro sequence.

I have another wave for you, I’ve already shared it but you might still agree with my opinions on them.

Energy Fences is another wave that lasts for way too long and it too needs a cut in terms of duration.


I believe that just removing the inner circle of chickens it would help A LOT on this wave, because you gain significant space to move around.


Dammit, I was planning to do that!

I think the (I don’t remember the name. It’s like “Swimming in Space” but the entire rectangle of enemies come in instead of just one, and you can’t get pecking order from it. Enemies in each “rectangle” is mixed from small chicks, up to Chickenauts or Eggships.). I think the wave I just mentioned is underrated, as it can potentially be as hard as Pulsating Grid, but not necessary be a strict epic wave.

EDIT: Oh, I remember: “Do the Backstroke”.

Nasty surprise is also pretty difficult, at least for me.

But with Nasty Surprise you can simple stop breaking eggs untill you get rid of some UFOs, so you do have a strategy to avoid get overnumbered.

Backstroke is fine, of course it is a quite stressing wave at high difficulties when you get chickenauts flying real low on the screen, but it’s not unfair unlike pulsating grid.

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Hey cna someone post a screenshot of pulsating grid? I’m too noob to play on the difficulty yuo’re talking about and I need samples.

I have to have one mission with that on the to-do list after I failed too many times.

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