Remember this sign from CI3?

Hey guys i have a simple idea that can make the game more interesting…

Remember this CI2 sign?

Why not adding signs to CIU but not just for advertising, but for showing leaderboards and some other things I’ll mention it here.

Well, when i say Advertising I don’t mean adding it to show real in-game ads but for showing ads for:-

• Space burgers

  • Sell :hamburger: and get :old_key:!
  • Try this cuisine! :fish: , :poultry_leg:, :hamburger:, :pizza:, :pear:, :candy:, :popcorn:

• Fortune Teller

  • Buy cheap insights from here!
  • Buy your license today!

• Gus’s Gas

  • We have the best fuel in the galaxy! You hear me hector?
  • Get L, M, S fuel pack for only 160, 16, 2 :old_key:! 1̶8̶5̶ , 1̶9̶ :old_key:
    (Nearest Gus’s Gas Station in xxx + xxx)

• Heroware

  • Customize your spacecrafts now :art:
  • Huge SALES for Licensed recruits only :wink:

• Heroes Academy

  • Let’s celebrate together! :tada:
  • Saving Universe for 120yrs!
  • Are you a real CH? Buy your skills now!
  • Gonna travel? Don’t forget your warp, interrupt!

You can also find signs for:-

Buying CHL

  • Get Licensed today! (Mentioning All CHL Features one by one)

Buying Keys

  • A L/R/S key pack, (Buy Now!)

The UHF can notify recruits with some big space events or just with normal events like (Space race, Weekly Challenge… Etc.)
I created a new topic about these space events Some realistic space events

Also, there’ll be signs for compatitive missions like (Galactic Cup, Space Race, Weekly Challenge… etc) And players can interact with it when clicking it, once you click this type of signs a message will pop up asking you if you want to fly this mission or not. OR You can travel to it then you can fly the mission… You can choose what do you prefer in votes. (VOTE 2)

(I tried to make some artworks using my phone but i failed… It’s so hard to edit this sign man… But I’ll try again) Anyway… You can find these signs everywhere but some of them will be ruined and almost destroyed, you can only find the ruined signs in the empty parts of the galaxy just like wormholes, iA can also add some darkness missions to it and some shady dealers next to it, maybe this will make more sense than adding them randomly in the galaxy.

Vote Time!

Did you like this idea? [VOTE 1]

  • Yes, i want it exactly as you described it.
  • Yeah, but i think it’ll be better with/without…
  • No (Please tell me why in the comments).

0 voters

What method do you prefer to interact with compatitive missions signs? [VOTE 2]

  • I want to interact with it by travelling to it then fly the mission
  • I want to interact with it by only clicking it

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