Remastered Chicken Invaders 3: Revenge of the Yolk ship

@InterAction_studios If you please can you remaster Chicken Invaders 3 ship add this sprite to Chicken Invaders Universe please @InterAction_studios


Already suggested, I think.

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Isn’t the Muller/CI5 just the remastered version of this?


It is

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Müller!!! If you don’t have the Ü in your keyboard search it in Google or Wikipedia or something, but it’s Müller and not Muller. The Ü is a different letter than the U. The same thing is with Ä and Ö. This are german letters. (I’m not german but I know this anyway, also I was born in Berlin).

Yeah, but does it really matter all that much? Most people don’t care about using diacritics if they don’t have easy access to them, since using the base letters usually gets the idea across anyway.

At this point you might as well memorise the Alt codes (Alt+129 / Alt+0252 for “ü” and Alt+154 / Alt+0220 for “Ü”). Otherwise you’d be spending a lot of time just copypasting letters.


Being gramatically correct is not a requirement for using the internet.

Which is a completely different topic because this is an issue of orthography (or, more specifically, spelling), not grammar.

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Mюller ._ .





Jeez, I didn’t want to start a war. I forgot about the ¨ stuff, I admit it. I wasn’t sure it was the correct ship neither, so I didn’t care much about anything to be honest.

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That is just for MS-DOS. I use it for DOSBox because it doesn’t support spanish keyboard- Alt+126 is for ~ and Alt+58 is for :.

Sorry, I just see a lot of rectangles between Mu and ller, can you make a screenshot?

Weird, it should appear like this: image

Khe-khe… In-russian MU or MÜ equally Мюллер:

“Котировка” XD


You have not seen the translation of “CI:UO” in Russian. Unforgettable “Куроматка” (“Uterus-Chicken” , Egg Cannon), “Vaska”, “The universe is full of ham and rust…”, Alien container - “Dead Man’s Chest”…

Ю is more like IU, while Ü is a mix of the I and the U in one letter.

“Ю” = YOU (Language Hack)