Sorry, but when is the original version release date?

When it’s done.


You mean even @interaction_studios don’t know the date?!

Well, no, not neceſſarily, but the official date of releaſe is currently “when it’s done”.
If you wait until he’s online he might chime in with more info, but to be honeſt I doubt it.

Will he answer?

Depends on what you mean by “original version”. When Early Access ends? Then, yeah, when it’s done. :slight_smile:

It’s almost impossible to have any detailed roadmap more than a few weeks ahead. Features might turn out to be more complicated than first anticipated, bugs might slow things down, illness might suspend work, etc. Normally, long-term predictions are only accurate in large teams because of how things average out. In very small teams, however, there’s no-one to pick up the slack.


Can you say year(2019,2020,etc)?
Or month?

I really want to get this out within 2019. But then again, I thought it would already be done, so what do I know.

Coming out of Early Access really won’t have any effect on the game’s development. It will still carry on as it does now. The only difference is that I might start making some actual money :slight_smile:


Just another question:
Will our save game remain when original version is released?

No, only your keys and some specific medals will be carried over. The galaxy and all missions will be regenerated.

I dont know how much promotion you will give for the release, but no matter what, the game’s state on release will have an impact on it’s image for a long time. Something like No Man’s Sky (aside from the drama) was a mess on release. So far they reworked the game almost completely, but a lot of people including me wont play it. We still think its bad.
So just dont rush, and have it be complete. Balance quality and the aquiring of monies $


Yeah, for me: The game is pretty fun so far… Using servers in full release for multiplayer and cross platform compatability will give a next level for game in my opinion. And with a little advertisement, game couldnt be better!


But don’t ſtarve.


you mean every thing we have bought won’t carried over?!

Yes, that’s exactly what they meant.
However, from what I remember you still get your net keys so it’s a good compromise.

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Because it woudn’t be worth the time and effort.

If you bought something you will have your keys back.

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