!Recruiting Romanians for squadron!

:romania: Hello, my name is Sputerman, and i am happy to announce that i am starting a squadron for Romanian players and I would be extremely happy to see this squadron grow in the future…

Here you have some more info:

Name: RO Eagles (if you have a better one please share your opinions)

Purpose: I want our team to represent the Romanian community in the game, also we will make sure to be ranked high high up daily… and possibly one day grow as the No.1 squadron, we have to be united and we all have to work together to raise the squadron up and have a good reputation, so i expect dedicated romanians who would love to represent their country in Chicken Invaders.

Requirements: I do not have a strong minimum requirement yet but after the first players joining, we will for sure have a minimum tier requirement in order to join, as we want experienced players, but we also want it to be accesible for players who are still growing but at the same time happy to contribute to the team (dont forget you have to be romanian)

You will be given many squadron missions, and if you dont complete a small part of them you will not get kicked tho, but we still dedication and serious people :romania:

Here are some romanian players i know, and i would love to build a team with: Gabyyy RO, @Atacantul , @the_lmao(discord tag), @Drax47 , @Red_Fox_01 , @VladRoYT(game name).


Please post this in the chatting place.

i see no point in doing so, because if you want to be loud and want to reach more people in a specific community, you never come to chatting place (if you do this your message will reach only people who chat a lot and it will only matter to them if they are romanian).

posts in the chatting place can easily be lost (there is a lot of activity in there, and all messages get deleted in 3 days) so it isn’t the ideal place for recruiting recruits for your squadron, or any text wall in particular.

i doubt if many people even bother to check the chat anyways, so 3 days don’t really matter if people stop caring after a few minutes, anyone who gets in after that will miss the post and jump to latest.

tl:dr: chatting place isnt the place for this type of post


It’s unrelated to everything except the chatting place. For your answer please post evidence. Thanks

The post theme is chicken invaders. It fits. One thing I’d personally change is adding “squadron” somewhere in the title, it looks weird the way it currently is.


evidence? evidence of what? if you were in a fast food place and shouted “WE’RE HIRING!! ENGINEERS NEEDED!!” then will that help you gather engineers who meet your expectations?

if you wanted evidence of people recruiting for squadron members in the chatting place then theyre gone. i doubt if someone even did that and screenshotted it. maybe someone did, not me though. and i have plenty of evidence that people recruit squadron members somewhere else. just search the forum.

Why? The post would be gone in a few days, making a topic for it would be more practical.

Thank you, didn’t think about that at first hah

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Squadrons are things in the game, so it has no points of making a post like this in Chatting Place.

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So would you put it on chicken store?

does this forum look like a chicken store to you?

No. It’s a example.

example of what?? if i put a flyer to recruit engineers on a chicken store instead of an engineering forum then what would happen according to your example? your argument is just proving my point. smh.

That’s just like stupid advertisement.

Uh… Did 2 you change this topic from “recruiting member for squadron” to the place to quarrel between 2 you?

yes, putting an ad in a chatting place is stupid advertisement. that’s what im talking to you against. you proved my point. theres no need to reply as the conflict has been resolved.

I said what you said without confusing each other bro. But we’re talking about the same thing here.

You’re saying that it needs to be loud and clear, but why not just post it in the chatting place. It is just for accompayning romanians.

DM me if you want to argue.

Can both of you stop making nonsense posts?

If you two want to argue about that then put it in another place rather than turning a topic to a battlefield.

The simplest answer is posting an advertisement on chatting place is not useful as it will be purged after 3 days. So making a topic doesn’t hurt. That’s it, simple as that, but what are you arguing for?


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