RECRUIT 35 LOG #9 (Food Currency Proposition)

Did some brainstorming with the food in the game, and I came up with three simple add-ons.

  1. The ability to sell food in the standard galactic shop on the map menu. In this shop, it’ll be the key price that the current Space Burger outlets have.

  2. …meaning that the actual Space Burger outlets purchase the food for more keys than the standard shop. Or…

  3. …as a second option at the Space Burger, you can exchange it for either money, or MISSILES. One missile for every 11 food items.


Not sure what to say about 1 and 2. I guess they’re ok.
But 3 sounds rather dumb. Why would you spend 500 food for just 1 missile? In the actual shop,9 missiles are 99 keys,so 1 missile is 11 keys. Meanwhile,500 food would be…16(or 17,not sure how the game calculates it) keys. So you would actually be spending more on missiles at a space burgers store than in the standard shop.


All superweapons except dimensional phaseout are way too expensive and a waste of keys as of now… 10 missiles should be like, 25 to 30 keys so 1 missile equals about 100-150 food.

Fair point.