RECRUIT 35 LOG #7 (Vehicle Sprites on the Galaxy Map)

Something else that felt like a cut corner in Episode 5 was the lack of differently angled shots of the Academy Fighter in the cutscenes. Instead, they just used the in-game sprites and kind of squashed them, which felt… well, for lack of a better term, lazy. The Beta of Episode Universe is doing this, too.

Remember these shots of the vehicle in Episode 4 and 3? What if we brought them back in the public release of Episode Universe, at least for the Galaxy Map?

iA said that they no longer include those sprites because maintaining two sets of textures for galaxy and in-mission would soon become unwieldy.

Also, can I just add that the Pulsed-Inductive Thruster is already my favorite engine flame? Exactly what I was hoping for in a vehicle like this. Brilliant aesthetic, InterAction, this is phenomenal.

Actually, that makes a lot of sense.

And if we can’t include this, at least take note of the tail wings. One with tank tips, one without anything, and in Episode 5, one with tail fins.
Those vehicle customization features are just the surface of what Episode Universe could do.

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