RECRUIT 35 LOG #5 (Soundtrack Recommendation)

I think it’s safe to assume that a good chunk of us remember the 16-bit themes from the original Next Wave game, and I’ve been thinking to myself lately.

What if we had all three soundtrack pieces, not only in Episode Universe, but they came with orchestrated versions of themselves? Give it that modern Chicken Invaders feel!


I am against. Music should stay where it was first used. CIU needs new music, but totally new and not remastered old versions. 16 bit themes are good as they are and they should be left where they belong.

But I wouldn’t mind remaster of CI and CI2 in CIU engine. (heck, give me even CI3 remaster)

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Why not?

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That’s 8-bit theme(aka chiptune), not 16-bit theme

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