RECRUIT 35 LOG #3 (Locations, medals, keys, and Recruit 11's obsession... I mean food. Should have just said food.)


  1. So I’ve been traveling to various star systems, and I’ve found a Fortune Telling section, an aftermarket, a Heroes Academy outlet, a gas station, and a Space Burger outlet. Basically, I’ve been finding different shops where certain items are cheaper than the standard shop on the ship’s supercomputer.

The problem with this? I had to take jump after jump after jump to different star systems, most of which only have planets, to find these shops, draining my keys for more fuel. At this point, I’m getting tired of even trying to build up the number of keys needed to unlock the M-400 Class vehicle, further proving the irritation of how few keys I collect with each mission, but more on that later.

It’s really hard to find even one shop or restaurant in a star system, so my recommendation is adding at least one shop, academy, or restaurant per star system, so you don’t have to keep jumping into warp speed just to buy or sell something of value.

  1. So far, I’ve been ignoring the medals I get with each completed mission. They have no real payoff, or at least not from what I’ve seen.

So what if you got a number of keys for each medal you received, depending on how hard it is to get each one, and how many of one medal you earn? I’ve noticed that you can get more than one of each medal per mission, like it’s always been in previous titles, so that could work. Maybe a Greatest Chicken Hunter of All Time medal could provide 30 or even 50 keys. Maybe the number of keys per medal would vary depending on the difficulty.

  1. Keys in general are getting harder and harder to collect. There are less and less of them with each mission I finish. It’s not really motivating me to keep going because my main objective in the shop seems almost impossible at the rate I’m going. I have no idea if you get a certain amount of keys with each mission, depending on the duration, difficulty, or whatever else. It’s not very clear, like the descriptions of each item in the shop, describing what they do or look like.

I’m thinking the currency reward system should feel much more gratifying in quantity. What if accomplishing the easiest of missions provided at least a hundred keys, and then you received even more with the number of medals you collected during that mission, and your overall score? So the average easy mission could reward you with 300 keys or more. That number would be a lot more gratifying.

And that would only apply to an easy mission. If the difficulty increased for each mission, you could earn even more than that.

  1. Speaking of keys, why is it that when I go to the Space Burger, I only get a little over 400 keys when turning in over 11,000 food items? That doesn’t seem fair, especially since I built up so much food before even thinking about searching for a Space Burger outlet.

At the very least, I think you should get 1,000 keys for every 10,000 food items you sell to a restaurant. But even then, I think we could use more than that. I mean, I know food is such a common thing in missions, but I don’t think it should be as cheap as 400 per 11,000.


If it’s eaſy to buy ſtuff, then after juſt a couple weeks you’ll find you have everything you could want. I think it’s good as is. I haven’t noticed that keys are getting rarer, though.

Good points, Recruit 35.

  1. We can certainly make shops more frequent. The M-400 family is considered one of the most advanced spacecraft available (with at least three other families eventually coming between it and the Hatchling). It’s more of an end goal – we certainly don’t expect it to be attainable over a couple of days of gameplay.

  2. Medals have no bearing on keys yet, but they eventually will.

  3. A lot of things are poorly explained right now – you’re right. During each mission, the number of keys you physically collect from enemies is the most important part, because all multipliers stack on top of this number. The number of keys spawned in the mission only depends on skill (rookie,veteran,etc) and time played – not on its difficulty.

  4. Food was overpowered, now it’s underpowered. We’ll raise its worth a little.

Also, point taken about gratification. Practically, it’s the same if you gain 3 keys and the item costs 30 as if you gain 3000 and it costs 30000, but the latter is much more psychologically rewarding. :thinking:

Which skill level are you playing on? Rookie/Seasoned/Veteran/Superstar?


At the moment, I’ve been trying Rookie, but other times, I don’t even select it.
Come to think of it, I don’t even know why different difficulties have to be purchased in the first place.

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So is there a way to increase the key multiplier?

Yes. Play with a harder skill level.

Skill affects how often keys will drop in-game (harder skills -> drops are more frequent)
This will not appear as a multiplier in the mission debriefing, though.

Other factors (shown on debriefing screen): Mission difficulty, location, equipment (specifically, the H&C series currently gets a boost)

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Rcruit 11 is the hero of the M-404 PI (now Müller M 404-PI Deliverer) of the Chicken Invaders series?

Yeah, he is. He’s cocky and reliant on food a lot, but he gets the job done.
Fun Fact: Müller’s actually a subtle gesture to Paul Moller, creator of the original M-400 SkyCar.