RECRUIT 35 LOG #13 (Vehicle Aesthetic Foreshadowing?)

So a while ago, this was posted in a forum question about the new weapon projectile spawn points, and… wow.
This is pretty sharp-looking, even for the M-404 PI.
Is this one of the new vehicle sprites for a future update?
I say one of them because for all we know, the ability to remove the weapon pod ridges and change the tail wing tips are gonna be a customization option.

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No, it’s M404 model. Their sprites are almost equal each other.

Yeah, I know it’s the same as Episode 5’s, but they’ve upgraded it with higher quality.

This is the same model prerender. Look at the bottom corners. It looks like 3DS MAX interface, so this could be even 4K if they want to. That’s why it has big resolution. In-game sprite needs compression to reduce file size.

In-game sprites aren’t compressed at all. They’re just small because they don’t need to be any bigger for in-mission gameplay.

Ha…Same…I can’t see the differences

You could have liked their post instead of bumping this dead topic.