RECRUIT 35 LOG #11 (The Vulcan Chaingun is BEAUTIFUL!)

I just had to say it. This redesign and re-tweak of the Vulcan Chaingun in Version 5 is brilliant! It’s much more powerful, but with the cost of inaccuracy with the overheat. It’ll provide motivation to get improved heat sinks, and it’s now one of my favorite weapons, both visually and damage-related!

It’s got me thinking, though…

Can some of the other weapons get this kind of rework?

Weapons like the Boron Railgun and the Photon Swarm aren’t weapons you find yourself coming back to. What if all the more forgettable weapons received an overhaul of damage with a drawback?
Heck, they wouldn’t even need to do more damage. I’d actually be fine enough with the visual adjustment just so it’s satisfying to shoot!

Any ideas on how to re-tweak some of the other weapons?


A Boron railgun rework could make the weapon more powerfoul more it overheats (increasing esponentially the damage while shooting)

A Photon swarm with bullets that auto-target chickens but has more “overheatness” is considered a good rework?

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I think your Photon Swarm idea is a bit too much of a change, and it doesn’t seem to actually improve the weapon all that much.

But I do like your idea about Boron Railgun. Maybe damage per bolt could be bumped up to 90/130/180 when cooled down and cap out at 135/195/270 (basically multiplied by 1.5) when nearly overheated?

Is very similar what I tought.
That weapon actually is the moron railgun, indeed … before 7 firepower it is even worse
I think that the Boron should become the counterpart of the Vulcan.
Two similar weapons that works differently by their overheat rateo

The Vulcan had a huge change

I tried

Yeah, but only in damage and spread. Not in the way the projectiles actually work.

In my opinion the photon swarm needs to be radically changed or heavily buffed

They changed how the Vulcan proyectiles works based on the heating… didn’t? In my taste the way was sucessfully changed

Not really. They still fly in a straight line and deal damage on impact.

The easiest way to buff Photon Swarm would be to simply buff the damage (I’d suggest 125/185) because of it’s very high overheat rate. The only issue with this is that it’s already very powerful at low firepower and this change would make it even better.

When I picked it up in version 5, I thought it was a cool new weapon until it drop again not too long later.

The Vulcan Chaingun needed that rework. The weapon was so lackluster in the previous games and I’m glad it got the buff it deserves.