RECRUIT 35 LOG #1 (Episode Universe's Biggest Control Flaw... for the moment)

As a long-time computer user/mouse clicker, it only makes sense for me to use the mouse to steer the ship, and clicking/using the spacebar to fire. The mouse controls in the previous games always felt precise, fast-paced, and just plain wonderful. Its precision helped me get through even the tiniest of spaces that allowed me to progress without blowing up, even once.

So to reduce the speed of mouse control to the speed of arrow key control completely negates the whole POINT of mouse control.

In this beta, your cursor’s position is shown through a gray circular icon, which your spaceship follows, but never keeps up with to a T. This is a HUGE problem.

Not necessarily the worst thing in the whole game. For example, why should we have to purchase the original M-400 class vehicles? Can’t we get the option of choosing either of the beginner classes for both ships on start-up? I’m assuming that’s why there are three versions in the shop.

But anyway, as much as these controls can be adapted to, I think we’re much better off maintaining the precise mouse control from the previous episodic titles… at least, while you’re playing solo.

Whether this is here due to cooperative multiplayer or not is yet to be said by InterAction themselves, but the most important thing, in my opinion, is the control, hence making this the subject of my first log. So in a future version of the beta (final version included), the precise mouse controls are much better.


I also was shocked by that, but then I remembered that there are multiple engines in shop which are probably more precise and this game is all about upgrades so I’m totally fine with it. Also it’s really great because I need to plan my moves more carefully and that’s something new.


I think it’s because everything in this game is server side but i may be wrong, i mean this grey circle is mouse input sent to server and ship movement is what server is sending to us and that could cause the lag but it looks more like spaceship needed to be upgraded because it’s motion is so inertial, the circle I mentioned earlier must have been added intentionally to show how strong is this effect

It is probably your internet connection to the server. I played on fiber optic internet and LTE internet. With fiber there is no latency between grey circle and my ship but when i play on LTE i had the same problem as you.

I don’t have fiber connection, just regular copper cable, so i was right it’s latency caused by connection between client and server and only fiber could repair it

Internet/Network connection speed is not related at all.

The speed of your spaceship depends on how heavy it is and how strong your engine is. This functions differently from previous episodes, where the spaceship would instantaneously follow your mouse cursor around.


Wow thanks. Nice to know!

Well, is there a way to actually OBTAIN the precise mouse cursor accuracy?

We’re planning a “classic mode” that you can equip on a mission and change a lot of the mechanics back to their original form (e.g. gain lives by score, gain missiles by food, etc). Instant-mouse could be one of these settings.


Speaking of extra lives and missiles, in the current state, if you die about every 5 waves (which could be standard for a new player) you spend nearly all your keys refilling extra lives. If you don’t, youre always stuck with 1 and new players might not finish a single mission anymore. 99 keys for one missile is also quite much, i don’t see any incentive to buy them (99 keys for 1 missile - 2 keys per food item).

Missiles are 99 keys for a pack of 9 missiles, but point taken.

That way you can add coop mode back right?

Co-op is a different issue but yes, if the game is popular enough, it will be added back in.

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So could we have some paintjobs as unlockables (aka the ones in CI5)?

Oh, that’s a great idea. Can’t wait to see it!