recover old account

About 1 year ago.I made a lot of progress on my old pc but then i changed my computer and old pc reset. Can I somehow access my old account? I guess I didn’t register for email login at that time but I remember my name is furkan

If you didnt play in 12 months and didnt register an email your account has been long gone since version 71.


It was 9 months ago and your account still exists. Set a callsign on your new account, tell me what it is, and I’ll swap it with your old account during the next update.


Well i feel more regret now :sob:
I wish i could do that before V71
If this somehow possible, bring it back to me

New account: furkanb Thank you.When is the new update approximately?


Queued. Update is coming in 1-2 days.

It’s not possible. But seeing as your “new” account is already 9 months old by this stage, I doubt restoring the “old” one would be of any use.


Yea (let it sleep in peace)
I was thinking about combining both to one
But i dont think u cant do that (cheat IMO or impossible)

No, I can’t merge accounts.


Thank you so much. This account is much better.

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