Recover account option

Please add this in the next update cuz my pc is broken and i lost all my data from ciu and other things and now i want to die


During Early Access stage you are responsible for your own save file. Hope you did some back-ups of your save file.
Plus, when the game is released you’re going to have a option to buy a special license that can link your PC account with Phone account. Not exactly sure, if it’s going to have a option to recover your account.

Well, if you remember your callsign then maybe IA could help you because data is stored on servers and files on your drive are used to identify the account.
What exactly is broken in your pc?

Now i really want to die because i already did the back-up but my pc isn’t working

I was a sad person even before after this

All of it i think

There’s no way that magically everything decided to stop working. It’s probably just one critical thing.

Anyway for what things i did to it a few mins ago it won’t open. At least i got my revenge, and a depression. And a feeling that i won’t ever play this game anymore. Happend to me 3 times (to other accounts) and it still haven’t got them back, and now this. I guess… This is the end for me? Goodbye CIU comunity

:neutral_face: sorry to hear that you lost all your data but dont give up so easy you can still get your rank and everything back if continue to play. i know that feeling when you lose all your data.

Why do you care about the early access progress? Its going to be reset anyways.

But, the keys are not going to reset.

This is a exception for me.

Its still most of your progress

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