Rechange tone down effects

change tone down effects can now costom effects
Ex like:
can toggles screen shake
can toggles Explosions effects
can toggles hide items
it will result like (i want long screen shake big Explosions but never hide items)

Sorry but i don’t understand what you need exactly.

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They want to separate one option to 3. Pretty bad decision imo. Adding ton of check boxes just because would make it look unreadable (gameplay options already have pretty big amount of them). Also, how IA said, it’s a mark of bad game design. And I can’t imagine situation when you need screen shakes but don’t need explosions.


Let me quote IA’s post:

@GTTOP Now that i understand what you need, i don’t think this is nessecary.

if IA cant make in gameplay why dont make new settings name call visions

What is that?

vision = what affect will see

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