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Hey, i saw alot of people are asking and mentioning somethings that IA is already knows abt it, thats not what i wanna talk about it i wanna ask just why alot of people getting mad about some bugs and some new features in the game, we need to appreciate all that hard work that IA did from more than 10 years ago to now just to make CI community Happy and Strong
I hope you guys understand what i mean…


Probably because the game is already 4,5 years old and the expectations were different? Not sure what exactly you mean. Especially about bugs.

Expected. Those people do not even know how risky of coding is, especially running and controlling a server with thousands of clients by only himself.
Sometimes touching a working code project will just mess it up and cause lot of bugs, or more serious, it get errors.

Coding is learning, too. Perfection will not exist if judgement or commentary isn’t exist. :wink:

not to mention I once messed up my css code on a scratch project just because of this single line: display: block

Already,I Appreciate The IA Work And I Love The New Features (Fact:I Dont Meet Ever Any Bugs In Game But Everyone Meet It Lol)

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I can agree too. me trying to figure out why my css code is not working. it was this: forgot to add a ;


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