[Re-suggest] Edge Lightning still


@InterAction_studios please respond

You suggesting this for the second time. I like the idea, but why again?


Uhmm, so much people liked but IA hasn’t respond, I want to try again

The engine can’t do such complicated lighting effects :frowning:


But how did you do it with the planets?

So do we all need to repost ideas that got many hearts? That’s stupid and would be a mess. Maybe they had a reason to not reply?


It’s a hack. Planets are perfect circles. Spaceships aren’t.


wow nice

Mark of a true game designer. :wink:


Idea: make shadow & light spaceship sprites then when it appear light it change lol

Well, the spaceship can be at a bunch of angles (someone like @Sammarald could probably tell you just how many) and then that spaceship can be at any of those angles in relation to the star (because it changes angles as it flies in and would be weird if it just lit up when docking).

So that ends up being easily within triple digits worth of sprites (a lot).

HOWEVER, one potentially achievable alternative (would need @InterAction_studios to confirm for sure?) is to simply modify the ships “shinyness” customization rgb value and intensity by a certain degree when near a star. It wouldn’t be perfect but neither is shinyness in general (especially in space) and it would probably give the intended effect.
But idk if it’s even possible in the code to edit a spaceships paint value in real-time on the galaxy map.

And a real low-tier solution (which I’m not at all in favour of, but hey options) is to just overlay the sprite for the glowing sun above the spaceship. But that’s kinda yuk. :joy:

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Add the second shininess ok

It looks like you tell IA to do what you want mandatory. He make the decisions and he can add whatever he likes in HIS game.

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It’s not too useful to increase game size once more. Remember, it’ll be on mobile phones later so IA forced to use as small files as possible (Btw, how it was possible to fit 3+ minutes theme into 1Mb ogg?)

Yeah well, let’s not add anything new ever again because of that.

Mobile versions are literally keeping CI games from experiments and improvements. Maybe it’s time to think about making 2 different versions.

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It’s an idea bruh

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