Rarity on weapons

Some items, such as engines and spaceship, can have normal, uncommon, rare and legendary rarity. This is, unfortunately , limited to these items. I could suggest extending this to weapons as well. With rarity attached, the weapon can have an improve machanic like more damage or faster projectile speed. Some can even have spread or condense fire-patterns.THis exist as mountables but this could allow or wider spreads to be obtained if , let say, the neuton gun is uncommon and has a bonus mechanic of spread.Along with this, attaching spread mountables, this can cause the projectiles to spread out more than the regular neutron gun with spread mountable.

Note:The mechanics should provide a small boost. An example could be 5% projectile spread increase. Also it should counterbalance to ensure the weapon become unbalance. Continuing with the example previously mention, there could be a 2% firerate reduction.

This idea has many possiblities. Comment below if you agree or not and state your opinion( whatever it may be).

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The meta of weapons is fine right now and 6 more damage is not relevant
Maybe only modify the overheat (leggendary weapons have a faster “recover”)

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Overall, I like this idea. However, the spread part would defeat the purpose of the expander though.
Maybe a faster projectile speed or damage would be sufficient?


The damage increase is just used as an example.

Pertaining to overheat, yeah it is good to modify overheat.But only that. I mean the possibilities is limited endlessly.

Also things are to change.I am not sure when, now is good (I agree with you), but eventually new weapons would be added to the game.This would cause a shift in meta but why I focus on the future when I could be in the present moment? Not sure.

Definately it would make the expander/ condenser mountable obsolete.However, the expander/ condenser mechanic is separate than the mountable. The mountable could only reach up to 10 but with this mechanic, the spread can be wider or thinner depending on the mechanic choosen.

I do agree with you on this. However, the intention is to enhance the spread by the addition of these mechanics. Not to make the expander/condenser mountable purpose defeated.

Also, I have this in mind. But I also considering diferent combination of these mechanic.Here is an example.Let say it have a legendary popcorn shotgun with an increase firerate and faster projectile speed with a downside of slightly less damage. Now, you go to another heroware store and found a legendary popcorn shotgun.However, this time it has more damage but slower projectile speed. These weapons, although the same, is slightly different. This would allow for more weapon variety instead of buying the neuton gun or the utensil poker right off the back and continuously using it.

Note. I have realised this is a very complex system to initiate but throughly it would enhance the gameplay experience whilst ensuring one weapon is not favoured over the other (but it still might be so).