It would be good to know since this game is really a tally sheet record of stats where one stands according to totals in the following categories: ranking 1 to 100 or 250 0r 1000
total scores all time
total waves flown
total iron man days in a row flights
biggest /nastiest fleets
total number of ACTIVE fleets (get rid of one timers or anonymous flyers)
etc…etc …etc…


Who’s iron man

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Why was it flagged


Idk, weirdos :\

Probably the creator of the idea did not like it? I’m not sure.

So if the creator flags, it hides it instantly?

I don’t know.

He’s a basic, so he can’t.

Uh, you guys are making spam again about things you could discuss in chatting place?


Im talking about rankings against other players not my own…I know that hall of fame stuff:
would like to know all time who is where …just like hockey stats Gretz is the greatest followed by Howe followed by …

You can go near somebody and click the Compare button, It does just that.

done that but that just tells you how you compare with joe-blow…would like to know who
is the greatest , in the top 10, in the top 100…top 250 …top500

Rankings > Top-Pilots

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